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1. Utah Dept. of Transp. v. Fuller, 603 P.2d 814 (UT. 1979) (Addressing issues of authority to condemn by implication of statutory authority for sewage lagoon.).
2. Sweetwater Properties v. Town of Alta, 638 P.2d 1189 (UT 1981) (Issues involving annexation, zoning laws and inverse condemnation.).
3. Utah State Road Com’n v. Friberg, 687 P.2d 821(UT. 1984) (Condemnation action is determination of timing for valuation of condemned property and extended delay of possession of property by owner until federal environmental study completed. Rulings involving evaluation must be determined at time of final condemnation and possession of property by the State of Utah.).
4. Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City v. Tanner, 740 P.2d 1296 (UT 1987) (Redevelopment of blighted area issues involving land banking and jury trial errors.).
5. LHIW, Inc., v. DeLorean, 753 P. 2d 961 (UT, 1988) (Specific performance elements and tender of performance.).
6. First Sec. Bank of Utah N.A. v. Banberry Development Corp . 786 P .2d 1326 (UT, 1990) (Addressing fraud issues involving lien priorities for commercial loan to develop real property and improvements and priorities among and between lien holders in fraud cases.).
7. W & G. Co. v. Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City, 802 P.2d 755 (UT Ct. App. 1990) (A challenge to redevelopment plan violating definitions of blight and jurisdiction to condemn.).
8. Town of Alta v. Ben Hame Corp., 836 P.2d 797 (UT Ct. App.1992) (Zoning issues involving improper construction of commercial lodging facility in violation of single-family residence ordinance.).
9. Olympus Hills Shopping Center, Ltd. v. Smith’s Food & Drug Centers, Inc., 889 P.2d 445 (Ut. Ct. App. 1994) (Addressing detailed analysis of the implied covenant of good faint and fair dealings in commercial leases.).
10. Mahmood v. Ross, 990 P.2d 933 (U.T. 1999) (Addressing debtor failed to establish partners’ breach of settlement agreement causing loss of equity in property.).
11. In re McCarthey, 368 F.3d 1266 (U.S.C. App., 10th Cir. 2004) (Addressing writ of mandamus to compel presiding judge to disclose certain facts under procedural rules and federal statutes for consideration of motion to disqualify.).
12. MFS Series Trust Ill ex rel. MFS Municipal High Income Fund v. Grainger, 96 P.3d 927 (UT. 2004) (Addressing securities regulations jurisdiction over officers and directors not subject to personal jurisdiction based on control-person liability.).
13. MediaNews Group, Inc. v. McCarthey, 432 F.Supp.2d 1213 (U.S. D. Utah 2006) Addressing issues of mergers and acquisitions involving claims of enforceable corporation buy back agreement.).
14. MediaNews Group, Inc. v. McCarthey, 494 F.3d 1254 (U.S. Ct. App. 10th Cir. 2007) (Addressing collateral doctrine and issues of superseding written contract.).
15. Christensen & Jensen, P.C. v. Barrett & Daines, 194 P.3d 931 (UT. 2008) (Legal malpractice issues involving rejection of settlement offer and proximate cause standard of damages in legal malpractice action.).
16. Utah Down Syndrome Foundation, Inc. v. Utah Down Syndrome Ass’n, 293 P.3d 241 (UT. 2012) (Nonparty attorney could not appeal as a matter of right from judgment ordering him to discourage legal fees paid from disputed account.).
17. Anson Calder, LLC v. Bay Shore Moving & Storage, Inc., (Not Reported 2019, WL 3430117) U.S.D.C., D. UT. (Addressing personal jurisdiction under Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Federal Statutes.).
18. Walker v. Zeus Land Holdings, LLC, 482 P.3d 268 (UT. Ct. App. 2021) (Addressing issue of breech of covenants and restrictions concerning subdivided lot for construction under amended restrictive covenants.).
19. Robertson v. U.S., (Not Reported in F.Supp 2d. 2010, WL537771) (Addresses issues of motion to dismiss where third-party complaint was filed by the government after answer filed.).