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Counsel For Partnership And Business Disputes

Few disputes can become as difficult and intractable as a dispute between partners, owners, or members of a partnership, corporation, or limited liability company.

There are often substantial interpersonal dynamics, financial or control disparities and expectations that can all come into play that demand a sophisticated legal response. A business or partnership divorce can be as emotionally and financially difficult as one involving a married couple.

More Than 45 Years Of Experience

At The Law Office of E. Barney Gesas PLLC, I have more than 45 years of experience handling complex legal disputes within businesses and partnerships. Every business is different, but my experience with this type of litigation allows me to help you determine the most cost-effective manner in which to resolve these issues.

The cause of disputes can be involved and tangled, from contractual breaches to allegations of fraud. There may be differences between partners, shareholders, stakeholders or members. Positions can harden, and deadlocks emerge. This can cripple a business and in the most serious cases may result in the dissolution of the partnership or the winding down of the corporations.

Experience With A Broad Spectrum Of Business And Partnership Disputes

Disputes can arise from numerous reasons, including:

  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Fraud
  • Breach of contract
  • Fiduciary violations
  • Succession planning
  • Compensation and profit allocation
  • Noncompete, NDA, confidentiality agreement violations

Experience With Partnership And Business Dissolution

I have direct experience working with individuals in partnerships and businesses that have disputes so serious that dissolution is the only response. Dissolving a partnership or winding down a corporation or LLC is a very complex process, especially in light of disputes between partners or members.

I have worked with partners in the dissolution of law firms, as well as other entities. I can help advise potential strategies to resolve these disputes as efficiently as possible while preserving as much of the value and assets of the entity as possible. If you are deadlocked, dissolution may present the most effective means of protecting your financial stakes in the business.

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Contact me to discuss your dispute and determine if I’m the right attorney for your issue. I offer a flat fee, hourly or blended rates, with flexible payment plans. To schedule an appointment, call my Salt Lake City office at 801-447-1149 or contact me by email.